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Serand brings the best of machine learning and behavioural psychology to automatically create role-specific assessments. Your team will easily and quickly find the best hires and support decision making with actionable insights.


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With Serand, companies experience


Retention rate after year 1


Reduction in hiring time


Increase in diversity of candidates


Candidate rating of the hiring experience

How It Works

Our tool harnesses the power of advanced supervised learning algorithms to assess candidates’ qualifications and skills accurately. 

It gathers and analyses candidate data from role-specific completed surveys and preprocessed surveys for the highest accuracy and to give you an accurate picture of each candidate’s potential


Smart Candidate Ranking

We leverage the power of machine learning algorithms that rank intelligent candidates based on the Big 5 Personality Model and scenario-based assessments. 


So you can holistically evaluate candidates, avoid irrelevant applicants, and focus your efforts on the best candidates.

Unbiased Decision Making

Data-driven insights empower you to make informed choices that emphasise talent and diversity. Our tool includes bias-mitigation features so you can embrace fairness and inclusion.


Why Customers Love Serand

'We reduced average time to hire by 8 days'

Veronica A
Head of Operations

I've managed to significantly reduce the time spent on interviews by a streamlined process of administering tests as the initial step.

This approach has enabled us to identify candidates with greater confidence in their ability to excel in the role.

'Make better decisions about who to interview'

Carlos M

Founder and CEO
The candidate screening tool has been a huge help in our hiring process. It saves us time, reduces bias, and helps us make better decisions about who to interview.

We can quickly figure out who the most qualified candidates are, and we don’t have to waste time on manual resume reviews.

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