Make Your Recruitment Process A Strategic Advantage

A candidate assessment platform that combines machine learning and occupational psychologist best practices so your team is equipped with valuable data to make confident hiring decisions. Every time.



Increase in retention after one year


Reduction in time spent on hiring-related tasks


Increase in overall diversity of hired candidates

Ditch the Slow & Cumbersome Hiring Processes

If your hiring process isn’t helping you, it’s slowing you down. It’s time to stop:

    • Letting ideal candidates slip through your fingers
    • Making bad-fit hires
    • Fuelling bias
  • Delaying organisational growth
  • Blocking access to top talent
  • Slowing scaling

Like an X-Ray Machine For Hiring Talent

Your team will easily and quickly find the best hires using our proprietary platform. It combines behavioural psychology with the real-world experience of hundreds of organisations and leaders. With a data-driven, objective approach, your hiring process will be fair and more inclusive. 

  • Get the right people in the right seats
  • Propel your organisation with the right human capital
  • Efficiently identify and secure the best-fit candidates
  • Optimise the hiring journey 
  • Seamlessly identify and highlight ideal candidates based on a deeper-level fit.
  • Deliver a positive candidate experience
The candidate screening tool has been a huge help in our hiring process. It saves us time, reduces bias, and helps us make better decisions about who to interview.

We can quickly figure out who the most qualified candidates are, and we don’t have to waste time on manual resume reviews.
Angela Jones
CEO & Founder

All-in-One Talent Acquisition Tool

Quickly identify the best candidates.

Our tests are crafted by experts so you won’t waste time with assessments that don’t give you the data you need to find best-fit candidates.

Streamline candidate evaluation.

Compare top candidates against each other and easily view candidates’ strengths and synergy.

Make confident hiring decisions.

With access to clear, concise, instant data reports, your managers can make informed decisions quickly.

Uphold diversity and inclusion goals.

Ensure that the candidate selection process is fair, unbiased, and inclusive.

Elevate the hiring experience.

Candidates receive detailed feedback, development suggestions and resources so they can grow professionally.

Integrate with your existing software.

Our platform delivers powerful insights straight to your ATS or HR platform.

Revolutionise Talent Screening

Ready to stop second-guessing your hiring decisions? Harness the power of our AI powered candidate assessment tool.