How it works

Our cutting edge features not only speed up screening but also give you a clearer idea about the types of candidates that are being attracted to your company. 

Get started fast

Step 1: Fast onboarding

Ditch the learning curve and get started instantly with our easy-to-use intuitive interface. No need to attend long training sessions!
Powerful assessments

Step 2: Simplified, powerful custom assessments

Fill in a few simple details about your company and the job role, and our AI-powered algorithm auto generates the ideal customized assessment.
Move faster

Step 3: Visualize candidate comparison

Our framework lets you easily compare how candidates match up against each to develop a clear objective of what a “great fit” looks like. 
deep comparison

Step 4: Quickly hire the best-fit candidate

You’ll be able to make faster hiring decisions because of our custom assessments and candidate comparisons. When you can identify the best-fit candidate quickly, you can follow up with decisive actions and make an offer.


Increase in retention after one year


Reduction in time spent on hiring-related tasks


Increase in overall diversity of hired candidates

Why More Companies Are Choosing Serand

Integrates with your ATS or HR platform

Improve team dynamics, reduce turnover, and create a more effective workforce

Improve transparency and shared understanding of candidate qualifications

Attract the best candidates

Equip recruiters with accurate insights and data-driven evaluations

Form teams with diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences

Recognize and engage early in the process

Make hiring decisions that align with your company’s needs and goals

Form teams with diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences

Ready to stop second-guessing your hiring decisions? Harness the power of our AI powered candidate assessment tool.