Revamp your hiring: 5 Game-Changing Tips to boost hiring

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Why should you revamp your hiring?

Taking too long to fill vacancies means missing out on potential candidates, not to mention increasing costs per hire. Experienced hiring managers greatly reduce lead times as they know the risks when acquiring top talent.

Below I will outline five ways to speed up your hiring process.

1. Streamline the Application Process

If the application process is long-winded, this can really put candidates off and use a lot of your employees’ time.

You can streamline the process by reducing the number of rounds of interviews and also automating the scheduling process.

2. Use data to find the delays in different parts of your process

Measuring how long your candidates spend at each part of your process will help you find the trends and the parts of your process that are slowing everything down. For example, is there a big gap between the first and the second interview or between the final interview and making an offer?

3. Build an effective talent pipeline

Small tasks such as posting a job opening, figuring out candidate sourcing, and doing background checks take up a lot of time. Building a pipeline where various steps are automated means the whole process is faster and frees up the recruiter’s time.

4. Simplify the application process

If the application process means each candidate has to spend hours answering every question, there is more chance of them getting bored and dropping out. Simplifying this and removing questions you don’t need will ensure more candidates apply for your jobs.

5. Create a referral process to leverage staff networks

Your staff are some of the best advocates for your company and are in a great position to know suitable candidates for your roles. Providing some cash referral bonus can provide great results.


Tracking your time to hire will help you focus on what parts of your hiring process need improvement. There are many different things to look at to improve the whole process. Hopefully, these tips will have given you a good starting point.

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